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Our Objective is Simple: We want to provide you with the best possible $avings for the best possible coverages.


The StarChoice Insurance Group was born with emphasis on educating our customers about the meaning of insurance and how it works for them in their current needs. It is because of this, mixed with the relentless efforts of our agents to provide the highest level of service and empowering our customer’s insurance awareness that brings meaning to our slogan.


“Now That’s Insurance Smarts!”




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Privacy Policy
Here at the StarChoice Insurance Group, protecting your privacy is crucial. Knowing that you are interested in how your information is collected, may be used, shared and protected, is very important to us. We have a promise of responsibility to protect and treat your personal information as sensitive as possible and provide you with options about how we use and share your information. Capital Choice Group Inc companies are licensed as followed: Capital Choice Insurance Company LLC is licensed in AL, GA, OH, MI, IL, NC, SC, TN, TX, and StarChoice Insurance Group LLC is licensed in GA, OH, MI, NC, SC, AND TN.

Why Is Insurance Important?

Insurance is designed to protect the
financial well-being of an individual
and or their family, a business, or
other entities that may have a
financial effect due to an unexpected loss.

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